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Prof Deirdre Vincent BA MA PhD

Born: Co. Tyrone. Brought up in NI.
Background: Many years lecturing
in Canada (University of Toronto) as
well as in the north and south of
Ireland (University of Ulster, Trinity
College Dublin).
Field: German Studies.
Political affiliation: No specific party.
Eager to see things move forward and improve across the province. Can only happen if we are all actively involved in the affairs of our community and hold our elected politicians to account.


James Smyth DipPFS

Born: Scotland. Brought up in NI.
Background: Over 30 years running
a small business from County Down.
Field: Financial Services and
Community Banking.
Political affiliation: No specific party.
Pleased about how the younger generation has moved past old sectarian divides and issues. Concerned, however, about how
few young people are voting and participating in the political process.

T: 028 4461 7575
F: 028 4461 6575
M: 077 1267 9634